KwolleM's New 'Mellow' EP Brings Out The Soul In Grime

It's like nothing you've ever heard before.


Restraints within perceived BPM demands and sound aesthetic have long been a persistent criticism in the grime scene. Breaking this blueprint in spectacular fashion, is KwolleM—an east London-based producer, and proponent of the Mellow Grime movement—who recently delivered a new EP aptly titled Mellow. Re-arranging the boundaries of the genre, it's a wonderful mish-mash of grime rhymes and cadences with soul melodies and samples. Another tool is the lifting of vocals of grime scene greats and earlier tracks, which are then spliced alongside input from newer MCs to create a fluid throwback format. The end result is a set of 8, very fresh, and very original, tracks, which you can hear in its entirety down below.

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