Resurfaced Video of Yung Joc’s Detailed 2Pac Haircut Goes Viral Again

A video of Yung Joc's 2Pac haircut from 2019 has resurfaced and gone viral. The portrait of the late rapper on Joc's head is a portrayal of him from 'Juice.'

Yung Joc is making headlines once again for his hair.

A video has resurfaced of the Atlanta native showing off a fresh cut with a portrait of 2Pac. The 42-year-old originally got the line-up in 2019; his barber, Rob the Original, reshared the video on Thursday.

“3D 2pac portrait haircut on the homie,” Rob wrote.

According to XXL, the portrait was a reimagination of 2Pac’s role of Roland Bishop in the 1992 classic Juice. The elaborate portrait of the late rapper even incorporated Joc’s own hair for the afro that Bishop sported in the film, as well an earring and 2Pac’s nose ring. 

Back in December, Joc shaved his head following a bet he made that Tory Lanez wouldn’t be found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. When Lanez was found guilty, Joc shaved his head while his Morning Takeover co-hosts Shyneka and Shawty Shawty were present, with Shyneka saying, “This is for Meg Thee Stallion.”

Joc made the bets with his co-hosts, later telling VladTV, “I told Shyneka if Tory [is] innocent, she gotta come to work with the braids that be under the weave. Either way, this is a very unfortunate situation. Just through the eyes of watching it, I don’t ever want anyone to feel like I’m making fun of their situation, ’cause it’s very unfortunate and it’s very bad for our culture, but I pray that this plays out fair.”

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