Offset Breaks Down Why He Cheated and How He and Cardi B Bounced Back

In an in-depth interview with Angela Yee, Offset also discussed mourning Takeoff, saying, "I cry every day about this sh*t, bro. At some point, it f*cks me up every day."

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Offset is coming clean about cheating.

In a 45-minute Way Up With Angela Yee interview, the Migos rapper spoke about his past marital mistakes. 

At the 18-minute mark above, Angela Yee asked Offset the reason behind men cheating. "I can't personally speak on why men cheat, but like, when I did do that, I was in a different space," he recalled. "I was young, I had just got married, I'm getting a lot of money. Really, it was communication. We got married, and then we ain't really—our communication was good, but...I wasn't saying my wants and needs, and vice versa. Sometimes you feel like you'll bump heads when you not communicating. ... We both in the front, center stage, all our business is always public."

He explained his mindset at that time had a significant impact on his family, telling Yee, "The communication, what it was, I was young, I was on different shit. I was on lean and shit, too. ... I was making bad decisions, not really realizing it's affecting my family, instead of me just thinking I'm on my own."

Offset had to prove to Cardi B that he's a changed man who has grown and has no intention to keep playing with her heart. "'Cause it's affecting [her], and it's heartbreaking, it's wrong," he remembered thinking. 

In 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce after allegations of Offset's betrayal continued to surface. Ultimately, the star couple worked things out. 

He also told Yee on Way Up that Cardi didn't cheat on him, and that his Instagram post insinuating otherwise essentially came out of a moment when the two were giving each other shit and he was drinking. The explanation (below) gets murky, but it's clear he wasn't accusing her of infidelity.

As the interview continued, the "Jealousy" MC spoke on his current process of mourning his bandmate Takeoff's death. "I'm not healed, I'm being honest, you know what I mean?" he said near the 44:00 mark. "I lost my brother. I'm not healed, I'm not good. ... We stars, so people be like, thinking it's just cool, but I'm a real grown man, I cry every day about this shit, bro. At some point, it fucks me up every day."

He continued, "I'm still a human being. Like I'm dealing through shit personally, and people's opinions matter nowadays. What's on Twitter matters, what's being said. And it's like, I play cool, I smile for the cameras, I do fashion week and do all this shit, but behind the scenes, I need my woman to be there for me for what I'm going through. And then you making it harder for me by bringing up bullshit, or my old past, when I'm really going through some other shit. It's just too much."

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