Source Alleges Tory Lanez Told Megan Thee Stallion ‘Dance, B*tch’ Before Firing at Her Feet

A source close to the situation claims that Tory Lanez told Megan Thee Stallion "dance, b*tch" before allegedly shooting her and offering money to keep quiet.

Tory Lanez

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Tory Lanez

Before firing four shots at Megan Thee Stallion’s feet, Tory Lanez allegedly told her, “Dance, bitch.” And then, desperate to fix his mistake, he offered hush money to cover it up. That’s the story told to Complex by a source close to the situation. 

Tory spent a good chunk of his surprise new projectDaystar, released Friday, attempting to refute Megan Thee Stallion’s public account of the July 2020 incident in which she was injured following a day out with Tory. In response to Megan’s accusation that Lanez shot her, he raps, “How the fuck you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?” He also takes a swipe at Meg’s management Roc Nation, spitting, “I don’t give a damn if shorty know Jigga.” 

Megan has publicly claimed that Lanez shot her in the foot on July 12 as she attempted to exit the car they were in, following an argument between her, Lanez, Tory’s security, and another passenger, Megan’s friend Kelsey Nicole. On Daystar, Lanez pushes back, saying that “Megan[’s] people trying to frame me for a shooting” and insisting that he “never put [Megan] in no danger.” 

Now, a source close to the situation is disputing Lanez’s characterizations, describing a very different scene. 

“When she gets out of the car and says, ‘I’m just going to walk home,’ he pulls out a gun and says, ‘Dance, bitch,’ and he starts shooting her,” the source tells Complex. 

The source also says that Tory offered hush money to Megan and Kelsey Nicole in the aftermath of the shooting, even as Megan was receiving medical treatment.

“As she’s going into surgery, this maniac is texting her,” the source says. “He’s basically trying to say he’ll pay. Her friend is [also] getting calls to receive money. He was trying to keep her quiet.”

Complex has reviewed Cedars-Sinai medical records from the aftermath of the incident, which are consistent with Megan’s story that she was shot in her feet, and mention shrapnel found in her heel. 

The source says they are speaking out because the public response around Tory’s project has made people doubt Megan’s story and even mock her.

“This is not okay and it’s not funny and it’s not something that we can just normalize,” they explain. 

When reached for comment, a representative for Tory Lanez categorically denied that Tory said “Dance, bitch” to Megan.

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