Drake and Tory Lanez Squash Feud

The battle of the two Torontonians appears to have come to an end.

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Drake and Tory Lanez appear to have finally ended their long-running feud. Photographer Josh Farias snapped some pics of the Toronto rappers hanging out, and both he, Lanez, and Drake all posted them on Instagram on Thursday. 

Lanez' only comment was, "Toronto... I Told You." Drake said, "The city needs more of this and less of that."

There is no word yet on where the photos were taken, but the fact that the rappers are posing together are leading most to assume that any bad blood between them is done—which might not be the best news for Drizzy's other antagonists.

For those who don't remember, issues between the two Toronto artists started early last year, when people began feverishly speculating that a lyric in Drake's "Summer Sixteen" ("All you boys in Toronto want to be me a little") was aimed at Lanez, who at that point was an up-and-coming artist sometimes compared to Drizzy.

At first, Lanez responded by saying he would never, ever clap back. But a few months later, Lanez was talking about Drake in every interview, and saying that “Anybody standing in the way, whether or not it’s him…,it’s gotta go the way it’s gotta go.”

That summer, he remixed Drake's "Controlla," and all hell really broke loose. On the first night of Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour, he changed the "Summer Sixteen" lyric to directly reference Lanez' remix. And there were lines on More Life’s “Do Not Disturb” that were widely perceived to be shots at Lanez.

As soon as the photos of Drake and Lanez appeared, reaction split. Some fans were relieved, and were even awaiting a collaboration. 

Other fans were, if not disappointed, then simply puzzled by how two artists who by all indications did not appear to like each other very much were suddenly buddy-buddy.



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