On the first night of his "Summer Sixteen" tour, Drake took a shot at fellow Toronto rapper Tory Lanez. While performing opening song "Summer Sixteen" on Wednesday night, Drizzy slightly changed the beginning lines of the second verse — already long-assumed to be a shot at Lanez — to directly reference Lanez' recent remix of Drake's song "Controlla." You can see the footage below.

The feud between the two Canadian rappers appears to date back to October 2015, when Lanez said on Twitter that calling Toronto "the 6" — something Drake has done extensively on recent projects — was "not cool." The following month, Lanez told The Breakfast Club that the term was "kinda corny." 

In addition, some have accused Lanez of adding a reggae twist to his new songs after the success of Drake's "One Dance" and "Controlla," which both had a similar influence. 

Surprisingly, Drake's onstage dis may have backfired. Immediately after footage of the jab was made public, many listeners jumped in to say that they actually preferred Lanez' "Controlla" remix to the original version.