Bow Wow Thinks It's "Interesting" That Lil Wayne and Kobe Bryant Retired The Same Year As Him

Bow Wow thinks it's "interesting" that so many celebrities are retiring at the same time as him.

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Shad Moss—known to the world as Bow Wow—announced his retirement from rap last month. On the heels of Lil Wayne's tweets on Saturday implying that he may be putting down the mic as well, Bow Wow hinted on a now-deleted Instagram post that Weezy and other recently-retiring celebrities are following his lead. Bossip found the post, where Bow Wow posted the tweet below, with the comment "Class of 2016? My homie sent this to me i thought this list was kinda interesting."

It should be noted that almost all of the people on this list actually retired before Bow Wow, who made his announcement on Aug. 7 of this year. Duncan, for example, left the NBA in July, and Peyton Manning left football back in March. So in order for Bow Wow to be a trendsetter, he would have to have some serious time traveling going on. 

Bow Wow's latest project is hosting a "musical game show" on Spike TV called Tracks. The show is executive produced by Christina Aguilera, and aired two preview episodes on Thursday. The show features contestants attempting to guess songs by hearing isolated tracks. Special guests (in the initial episode, it was Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee) will occasionally show up to perform either their own or other peoples' parts.

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