A History of the Migos/XXXTentacion Beef

From stolen flows to devil worship, the complete story of what led to the recent jumping.

Offset XXX

Offset XXX

Offset XXX

On Monday night, accused batterer and on again-off again rapper XXXTentacion claimed that he was jumped by Migos in Los Angeles. According to X, the group took him on three-on-one, and even pulled out a gun. Afterwards, he shared a video where he showed off his bruises and insulted Quavo, Takeoff, and, especially, Offset. 

"After all the shit I’ve been talking, how the fuck you ain’t shoot me?" he asked. "He [Offset] was scared to fight me one-on-one. These niggas were scared to fight me! Y’all niggas like 35! I ain’t mad because I got 35-year-olds afraid to fight me."

In light of this accused jumping (Migos has not publicly given their side of the story), we decided to look back at how we got here. What led to the antagonism between the "Bad and Boujee" trio and a guy who once faked a suicide attempt on Instagram? Here's how it happened:

February: XXXTentacion Goes at Drake

While Drake was on tour in early 2017, he previewed a new song during a stop in Amsterdam. Some observers thought that Drizzy's performance on it bore some similarity to X's "Look At Me."

While admitting that "I see where people could draw this comparison off of the first two lines," Drake denied that he had stolen anything from the younger rapper.

X, however, didn't believe him, and let loose with a series of angry tweets (and a few weeks down the line, a mom joke).

April: Offset Responds

In early April, Offset decided, for reasons that are still unclear, to offer his thoughts on the situation. On Instagram Live, he recorded himself listening to a radio interview where X criticized Drake, and then offered his thoughts:

"You niggas is silly," he said. "How you unheard of talking about a nigga stole your swag? We ain’t even heard of you, shorty. Get your ass out of jail."

The reason this is notable—beyond the fight it eventually led to—is that back in 2015 Migos accused Drake of exactly the same thing. "Drizzy know he bit the flow," Quavo said at the time.

May: Upside-down Crosses

Offset had some strong feelings last spring about rappers, including Lil Uzi Vert and  Atlanta's SahBabii, sporting upside-down crosses—a symbol that is generally associated with the occult. The day after Uzi wore an upside-down cross necklace to the Billboard Music Awards, Offset recorded a video sharing his critique.

"All y’all niggas wearing upside down crosses, even my little partners, stop that shit. You look lame," he said. "All that worship the devil shit. Get with God, man."

SahBabii responded angrily, and then X jumped in

"I don’t respect no nigga that don’t wanna see a young nigga prosper," X said. "That shit pussy. You supposed to wanna help the new generation. Tell this pussy nigga Offset to get off a nigga dick. The fuck you on that young nigga dick for? Always on somebody dick. Shut yo pussy ass up. Nigga's like 35 still tryna catch the wave. Yo' career over."

November: The Brawl

As mentioned up top, all the online back-and-forth seems to have culminated in a real-world jumping. Following the fight, X made a (now-deleted) Instagram post mockingly directed towards Offset's now-fiancée Cardi B. 

So what's next in the Migos vs. XXXTentacion saga? No one knows, but we hope it stays on record (and in rambling Instagram videos) from here on out.

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