Listen to Every "Wu-Tang" From the Wu-Tang Discography

Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang.

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You know Wu-Tang says a lot? “Wu-Tang.” While plunging the depths of the Internet recently, the good folks at EgoTripLand uncovered the video below of every mention of the words “Wu-Tang” and “Wu-Tang Clan” from the group’s five albums. If we can learn anything from the compilation (which is so much longer than you’d ever imagine), it’s that the Killa Bees are masters of subliminal messaging. Oh, and that Method Man is clearly the best at saying “Wu-Tang.”

See for yourself below, or skip to 1:50 if you just want to hear the names of each Wu-Tang member over and over (once again, Method takes the cake).

[via EgoTripLand]

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