Junglepussy Returns With Her First Solo Song in 2 Years, "State of the Union"

Her third LP is slated to drop sometime this year.

This is a photo of Junglepussy.

Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez

This is a photo of Junglepussy.

New York MC Junglepussy hasn't given the world new music in two years, but her brash bars and commanding delivery were never too far away with features on songs like Lion Babe's "Still in Love." Now, Junglepussy is back with her single "State of the Union," the first from the still-untitled follow-up to 2015's Pregnant With SuccessWith production from frequent collaborator Shy Guy, the 26-year-old rapper talks to her fans while taking aim at her haters, showing off the unapologetically straightforward flow we've come to expect from her.

She recently told DAZED in an interview that the song serves as the ideal introduction to her next project. "That song is literally just what's been going on in the house," she told the magazine. "It really should have been called ‘State of the Pussy.’ It’s basically the trailer to the project; it’s me addressing the people. I'm here, I'm ready."

Aside from music, the rapper has been dabbling in film, making her acting debut in Support the Girls co-starring Regina Hall and premiering at SXSW in March.

The album is set to drop at some point this year, but she hasn't revealed exactly when, though she did tell DAZED it's going to be her most honest album yet. “It’s just really being my truest self,” she said. “These songs are like, songs that I’ve just always heard for myself, vibes that I always knew were just true to who I am. Finally, I’m able to express it.”

Listen to "State of the Union" below.



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