August Alsina Handles Instagram Troll: 'Stop Using Gay as Some Type of Slur'

The R&B singer is not playing around with Instagram trolls.

August Alsina

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August Alsina

August Alsina is not playing around with Instagram trolls.

The R&B artist uploaded a video to Instagram of himself singing the gospel song "Way Maker" on Sunday. "'Way maker, promise keeper, light in the darkness...that is who you are.' the way..can you TRAP and WorShip at the same time?? no? Hmm, welp..ok. Happy Sunday folks! [Click The Link In My Bio For New Music]" he wrote in the caption.

The singer, obviously in the holiday spirit, started responding to some of his fans in the comments. One poor soul, however, decided to point out that Alsina was only replying to men. "Did anybody see how he dub'd all the females lol GAY," the troll wrote.

Alsina let the choppa fly in his response to the man, calling him a "bull dagging butch."

"Projecting your insecurities on to the next man cause you desperately want & crave the attention from women as such, that you gotta jump at everything that you see, that when a man is having friendly banter through interaction & communication (with HIS fans might i [add]), you would assume it as gay," the singer wrote.

"Whewwww the loneliness &misery jumped out my nigxa! We’re days away from 2020. Yal folks gotta stop using Gay as some type of slur & term of degradation," Alsina wrote. "Especially when it’s who & what YOU are. Take a look in the mirror & Learn to love yourself."

It's good to see a lively Alsina, who has been battling an autoimmune disease. He started a new treatment in September and let his fans know that while it has been tough on his body, he's been making progress.

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