Wale Responds to J. Cole's "False Prophets" on New Song "Groundhog Day"

A new day brings a quick response to J. Cole's "False Prophets" courtesy of Wale.

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Wale has quickly responded to being called a “false prophet” in J. Cole’s Eyez documentary. Roughly 24 hours after the release of Cole’s Eyez and the track "False Prophets," Wale released “Groundhog Day” to address Cole and any other detractors.

The track, which was produced by Jake One, has Wale directly addressing the “false prophet” line and referencing Cole’s single “Crooked Smile.”

"The most highly underrated of my generation/Behind them crooked smiles niggas neglect to embrace me."

Wale also made mention of he and Cole touring together as opening acts during Jay Z’s 2009 Blueprint 3 tour, as well as a reference to the Jay Z track “A Star Is Born.”

“I remember me and Cole would open for Hov/Everyday a star is born I guess I died in the womb,” Wale rhymed.

Cole has previously mentioned his upbringing, his mother, and being biracial, and Wale weighed in on the latter as well with the line, “Not to cause a situation but what side of my biracial friends call me they nigga/Forget it…” 

“Groundhog Day” isn’t completely dedicated to addressing being included in “False Prophet,” as Wale takes issue with his former label Interscope, Kid Cudi (whom he refers to by his government name Scott), and Twitter trolls. Things get introspective as Wale mentions drinking hard liquor and his own demons.

“Labeled as reckless and crazy by my record label/The doctor say it’s bipolar disorder/He diagnosing me wrong/It’s obviously depressing counting blue faces/Here go that real shit/Battled anxiety and privately them Percocets.”

Stream the track via Soundcloud below.


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