Tory Lanez Spends $35K in Luxury Store After Allegedly Being Dissed by Employee

Tory Lanez insinuates a high-end clothing store discriminated against him before a planned $35K shopping spree.

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Before taking the stage for his scheduled appearance at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Tory Lanez appears to have gotten some shopping in at the high end boutique Holt Renfrew. In a series of since-deleted tweets, Tory calls out a seemingly dismissive clerk who he accuses of discriminating against him. In Lanez’s video, which has since been picked up by other Twitter users, the rapper can be seen and heard calling out the employee and briefly filming the worker from outside the store.

Tory Lanez clarifies he was gonna drop $35,000 regardless. He just made sure the person hating didn't get the commission

“I gotta get him,” Lanez says while filming the Holt Renfrew employee from his phone. “Look at his ass. Say hello. Yeah, we balled out your shit. We walked in the store…he ain’t think we was gonna buy nothing. We balled out his shit. We Gucci down. We Louis Vuitton down…”

Based on Lanez’s interaction with a fan asking about the incident, the rapper interpreted the employee’s alleged dismissive attitude as a disrespectful implication Lanez lacked the means to buy the luxury goods. Other tweets that are no longer available hint at Tory Lanez intending to drop the $35,000 at the store regardless and merely choosing a different employee to help with the transaction and possibly benefit from the commission on the sale.

He was 🤣😂🙌🏾👌🏾

“It’s not the fact that we spent $35K in there, we were already going there to do that. It’s the fact that HE didn’t get the percentage,” Tory tweeted.

DJ Akademiks ripped Tory Lanez’s now-deleted video and also captured one of the tweets explaining his rationale for still dropping five figures at an establishment he felt disrespected him.

 “I hope the coworker that got the commission was black, LMAO,” Twitter user @southernjawn said.

“He was,” Lanez replied, while adding a string of emojis.

Tory isn’t the first entertainer to go public with claims of a business allegedly discriminating against him despite enjoying the spoils of a rap career. In July of 2016, Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to call out Chicago sports bar Whirlyball. Chance told his followers the Whirlyball management “doesn’t know how to treat customers.”

Crazy how I was just treated at @whirlyball Been coming here for awhile, this new management doesn't know how to treat customers.
Don't go to @WhirlyBall it's very inaccessible if you're black or friends with black people, they've clearly outlined in their dress code

“Don’t go to @WhirlyBall it’s very inaccessible if you’re black or friends with black people, they’ve clearly outlined in their dress code,” Chance added.

As for Tory, Holt Renfrew has yet to publicly respond to his clams.

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