Remy Ma Takes One Last Shot at Nicki Minaj Before Saying She's 'Done' Beefing With Her

Remy Ma appeared on 'The Real' to wash her hands of the Nicki Minaj beef after casting some farewell shade.

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Remy Ma briefly dominated the news cycle in February after she dropped her scathing Nicki Minaj diss track "Shether." The savage bars kept Remy in the headlines as her Fat Joe and French Montana collaboration "All The Way Up" would eventually be certified by the RIAA as a platinum single the following month. But now, Remy is reiterating talk that she is done beefing with Nicki. However, it should be noted that her claims of leaving the battle behind appear to come with a side order of obligatory shade.

"The dust has settled," Remy said during an appearance on CBS daytime talk show, The Real. "Some people don’t get that the dust has settled, but I can understand. It’s kind of hard to see the dust settling when you’re in the grave under the dirt."

That parting shot wasn’t lost on the hosts or the studio audience, as audible gasps could be heard. Remy’s shade notwithstanding, she further explained that deading any lingering tensions between herself and Nicki Minaj was all about growth.

"I say all the time, 'I’m petty, but there’s a thin line between petty and pathetic,'" Remy said. "You have to stop at some point…I’m done after that. I said what I said, and that’s it."

The show’s co-hosts and studio audience weren’t the only ones to catch her parting shot, as Remy Ma fans quickly weighed in on Twitter.

Gotta give it to @RealRemyMa , she's got Nicki Minaj out here doing community service trying to win her fan base back 😹😭🤣
"I'm new and improved Remy Ma... that old girl, that old Remy Martin woulda been beastin' still" #Truth 💯😂
This is why Remy Ma is the QUEEN OF #RAP an Nicki minaj is the queen of #FEATURES‼️‼️ Rem keeps it 💯 gota love it 😍

You can check out Remy's appearance on The Real in the clip above.


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