50 Cent Didn't Actually Make Bitcoin Bank According to New Bankruptcy Court Statement

It seems like 50 is switching up the story regarding his bitcoin fortune all of a sudden.

50 cent

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50 cent

50 Cent is doubling back on some recent remarks that he made upwards of $7 million in Bitcoin profits off of his 2015 album Animal AmbitionWhile facing bankruptcy court recently, the rapper filed a sworn testimony stating that, "[I have] never owned and [do] not now own, a Bitcoin account or any Bitcoins," according to documents obtained by TMZ.

50's financial battles trace back to 2015 when he filed for bankruptcy, owing around $32 million, but he's since been discharged from his case since February of 2017. He was allegedly able to pay off his approved five-year debt repayment plan early, by handing over $22 million—a combination of his own resources and assets he gained after a successful legal malpractice lawsuit. But now it looks like this serial boaster is having to own up to some additional financial hijinks. 

It's no secret that 50 is well-versed in framing a situation to put himself in the best light possible. He's even admitted to as much in a response to one fan's Instagram comment, but some things aren't exactly adding up in this latest Bitcoin fiasco.

He's said to have made about 700 Bitcoin sales off of purchases for Animal Ambition, but it looks like that might have just been another misleading IG flex. Whether 50's just trying to cover his tracks so he doesn't have to cough up any more money to the courts, or he never actually had a single Bitcoin to begin with, neither would be all that surprising. 50 is pretty committed to his motto of get rich or die tryin'. 

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