Premiere: Jon Vinyl Drops Sultury New Track "Entice Me"

The R&B singer is back with his first release of the summer, a sultry new song about surrendering to indulgence, crafted for listeners looking to fall in love.

Jon Vinyl in a black jacket

Image via Jia Zhang

Jon Vinyl in a black jacket

Jon Vinyl is back with his first solo release of the summer. On the follow-up to his collab with Avry, the R&B singer taps into his seductive side for a song that’s all about the power of giving in.

“‘Entice Me’ is all about letting go of the natural urge to hold back when something feels too good to be true. It’s about surrendering to the indulgence,” Vinyl tells Complex Canada.

“More often than not, we can get so caught up in making such calculated moves that we risk losing the spark, the spontaneity that’s in this very moment. I wanted to create something sexy that makes my listeners feel like they need to light some candles and call up their significant other.”   

On the track, Vinyl expresses wanting to be with someone and wanting all of them: “Can’t get enough I’m too modest/Baby baby/I can’t let you go.”

Stream the full track below:


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