Deep Cut: Lil Chris of M.I.C. "2 Fake"

Lil Chris leaves Chicago bop behind on his latest, one of the best singles he's released thus far.

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Mixtape: Unknown
Producer: WildlifeBeats x Boris Jets

Just when we thought Lil Chris was out, he pulls us back in! The year is 2012 and Lil' Chris from the Chicago rap group M.I.C enlists DGainz to shoot a video for his song "Same Shit, Different Day," a sublime piece of bittersweet emo-Tune that lingered in your cerebral cortex all day and typified the more melodic sound of West Side Chicago where ZMoney was on the come-up with a string of incredible YouTube singles and Soundcloud loosies, and "Ballin" was the favored Chief Keef track du jour.

Then Bop exploded on west side Chicago—a natural evolution or, perhaps, devolution of the area's sound—and Lil' Chris spent 2013 releasing Bop-inspired records like "Automatic" and "Bop Like Me" that seemed to play to all of his weaknesses as a rapper, and were neither a patch on "Same Shit, Different Day" nor the anthems by west side Bop artists like Sicko Mobb or Stunt Taylor. All evidence pointed to Lil' Chris being a lightning-strikes-once artist who'd peaked with an early single.

Until this past weekend when he dropped "2 Fake," which taps into the same vein of glorious melodic Auto-Tune wistfulness as "Same Shit, Different Day" and indicates Chris might be worth keeping an eye on again in 2014, as long as his next single is imbued with emotion and not just the incidental soundtrack to a video of Boppin' king Lil' Kemo in motion.

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