Young Thug YSL Rico Case: State Witness Admits to Being High, Tells Court ‘I'm About to Fall Asleep on Y’all Man’

The witness has been taking the stand for weeks to testify in a crime involving Young Thug where he is alleged to be the getaway driver.

Rapper on stage with microphone, wearing bandana and graphic tank top
Photo by Paras Griffin / Getty Images
Rapper on stage with microphone, wearing bandana and graphic tank top

Young Thug and YSL's RICO case has seen its fair share of wild moments and the most recent one may take the cake.

On Monday, during the latest testimony hearing in the YSL RICO case, state witness Adrian Bean took the stand once again, however, he had a slight issue that he couldn't shake off. According to Bean, he was so high that he was about to fall asleep on everyone in the courthouse. 

In the video footage shared online, Bean looked around the courtroom with his eyes low before saying into the microphone, "I'm so high right now y'all, I'm about to go to sleep on y'all, man."

“Im so high right now, Im aboutta go to sleep on yall man”

The state’s witness, ladies and gentlemen.

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Young Thug Trial: Day 44

Judge "Time Management" Glanville has graciously called everyone together today for a 3:30 PM EST start time.

We continue listening to the detective interview of Adrian Bean "snitching" - the only evidence of Thug's involvement in the 2013 incident.

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Bean has been taking the stand to testify and claimed he doesn't recall what happened during a September 2013 incident where he was alleged to be the getaway driver in a crime involving Thugger. His testimony is reportedly the only evidence that ties the rapper to the crime. On Friday, Bean told Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville that he's received threats, been harassed, and lost his job due to testifying in the trial.

"I don't remember nothing from 2013, I keep telling y'all that," Bean said. "Y'all got my name on a recorder, my phone number on a recorder. These people are threatening me. They're calling my phone, your honor. I done lost my job. I got a lot going on."

Bean also stated that he felt prosecutors were "trying to assassinate" him and asked if he was on trial. Judge Glanville said, "No, sir, you are not on trial. But you have been properly summoned here as a witness, and you're subject to examination until I release you."

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