YG Calls Out Unnamed Opps in New Single "Weird," Announces July Release Date for Upcoming Project

The rapper's last solo project was "I Got Issues" which dropped in 2022.

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YG has released a new track titled "Weird," in which he has some words for his opps, who he believes are acting strange. Check it out above. 

The song was released on Friday and came with an official music video that finds the rapper and his crew posted at the top of a parking garage and working out on a weight bench. On X, formerly Twitter, YG explained the track was "4 tha suckaz who know they opps but keep my name in they mouf like we bool."

He added, "Fuck outta here pussy."

4 tha suckaz who know they opps but keep my name in they mouf like we bool. Fuck outta here pussy pic.twitter.com/LnyYOKmh1a

— yg (@YG) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @YG

In the song itself, the Compton-bred artist makes it clear he's not rocking with anyone he deems a "weirdo" while warning his opps against mentioning his name when there's beef.

Hahaha, you n***as bums (Ah-ha)
Weird-ass n***a, in your feelings 'bout these bitches
Weird-ass n***as off that Perc', you be trippin'
I'ma tell you 'bout yourself and your weird-ass gon' listen
You be on that bullshit, Scotty Pippen
You a weirdo (Weirdo)
Fuckin' on wеird hoes, n***a, weirdo (Weirdo)
Wе don't go near those, n***a, weirdo
Your whole life in limbo
You bitter-ass n***as be sweet, like Cheerios
Weird-ass n***a (Ass n***a), you n***as lame (You n***as lame)
When it's smoke, don't ever mention my name (Mention my name)
You gon' have me jeapoardizin' my fame
Jeapoardizin' the gang, jeapoardizin' where you hang, n***a

In the second verse, YG calls out anyone who tends to speak on business they know nothing about and claims the crew is ready for anyone looking to disrespect them. 

Huh, what? Niggas' bitches
Disrespect us, fuck, I'm crossin' limits
No motion, when y'all pop out, it's crickets
Comin' up short in life, you n***as midget (N***as midget)
I don't wanna hear it, not even a snippet
You ain't Piru, stop talkin' Piru business
Fuckin' on your bitch, the Piru's did it
We ain't ever gotta be cool, I'm bool with it
N***as weird, equivalent to bitch (Bitch)
N***as weird, take that as a diss (As a diss)
N***as weird, they ain't on shit
Point the .40 at a n***a 'til it click, click, click, click (Click, click)

"Weird" is expected to be featured on YG's upcoming project Just Re'd Up 3 which he revealed is expected to arrive in July, according to an Instagram post promoting the new single. In April, the 34-year-old unleashed "Knocka" alongside an accompanying music video directed by Austin Simkins aka Salty that may also show up on Just Re'd Up 3

In addition to the new project, YG will also be hitting the road this summer with Doe Boy and DJ Vision for the Just Re'd Up Tour, which is slated to kick off on June 28 in his hometown of Los Angeles, California. The tour will be making stops in Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, New York, Dallas, and more before YG wraps up in Hawaii on August 17. 

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