Houston Rapper Viper Faces Charges of Kidnapping and Sexual Assault Against a Second Woman

Legal documents state Viper held the woman captive around July 2021 with the intent to sexually abuse her.

Mugshot of an unidentified male with a beard and mustache
Houston Police Department
Mugshot of an unidentified male with a beard and mustache

Houston rapper Viper was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault regarding a second woman less than two months after committing and getting arrested for a similar crime.

According to court documents, Viper, whose real name is Lee Carter, abducted and kept the second woman captive around July 2021 to sexually abuse her. According to The Chron, the assault happened approximately ten days after the woman was taken into captivity. 

Prosecutors are looking to secure a $200,000 bond for Viper, claiming that price is needed since "The Defendant has a pending Violation of a Protective Order for contacting a different Complainant while on bond." The rapper is scheduled to be arraigned on March 1. 

Murray Newman of Newman & Chapell, PLLC, Viper's attorney, told HipHopDX in a statement that he'd joined the rapper's team after the previous lawyer left his post.

"I can tell you that the circumstances surrounding the case are complicated and pretty strange, to be honest," Newman said. "We are going to begin our investigation into it immediately, but until we have done that, we won't have an official comment on the case."

Last month, Viper was arrested for kidnapping a homeless woman and holding her captive in his home for four to five years under harmful conditions. According to police documents, authorities found the woman "extremely malnourished" and weighing "approximately 70 pounds with a pungent stench." She was also barefoot and visibly filthy.

The room where she was held included "a makeshift toilet that did not flush," a mattress "covered in fresh vomit," and assorted bags of chips and Twinkies, according to the affidavit.

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