People Have Thoughts About J. Cole’s 'Strictly Dickly' Line on Cash Cobain's "Grippy"

"She said she was gay until I slayed, now she strictly dickly," Cole raps on the song that released on Friday.

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J. Cole's collaborative effort titled "Grippy" with New York rapper Cash Cobain is finally out, but fans are questioning one of his lyrics.

The song was released on Friday after weeks of snippets that surfaced online. Upon hearing the full version, listeners caught one of Cole's lines that has them scratching their heads and wondering if that verse was really something he cooked up. 

The verse in question has the Dreamville rapper speaking about how a woman will be all over him in the bedroom. He goes on further to say his bedroom skills are valid enough to make the woman go from being gay to straight. 

"She gon' chew on this stick like it's Wrigley's / Mm, yеah, believe it or not likе Ripley's / She said she was gay until I slayed, now she strictly dickly," Cole raps. 

Oh man…

— Jah Talks Music (@JahTalksMusic) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @JahTalksMusic

Several people on X were disappointed with Cole's effort and claimed it might be one of the worst verses of 2024. 

"As one of J. Cole's biggest fans, I thought we were done with these types of bars," one person tweeted. Another said, "Holy shit that j cole feature is so bad."

Someone else called out J. Cole's age and claimed he's too old to be rapping in that manner, saying, "J. Cole just making fully sure he's no longer in the Big 3 conversation 39 years old btw."

As one of J. Cole's biggest fans, I thought we were done with these types of bars 😭

— Jah Talks Music (@JahTalksMusic) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @JahTalksMusic

Holy shit that j cole feature is so bad😭😭

— Just Underscore (@JairePickSix) May 25, 2024
Twitter: @JairePickSix

J. Cole just making fully sure he's no longer in the Big 3 conversation

39 years old btw

— HipHopNumbersPlus (@HipHopNumbers2) May 25, 2024
Twitter: @HipHopNumbers2

Cole's guest feature on "Grippy" is his first since bowing out of the battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. During his set at the 2024 Dreamville Festival, Cole apologized for dissing Kendrick Lamar on his recent mixtape Might Delete Later. The announcement caused an uproar, with many criticizing Cole for backing out while others understood why he did it.

Check out more reactions to J. Cole's feature below. 

j. cole 40 years old talkin bout “it’s grippy”

— sarkastik knight (@airjaxx) May 26, 2024
Twitter: @airjaxx

It’s… It’s… It’s… hmmm….. Grippy! Grippy!

— Moonskii🌙 (@YoMoonskii) May 27, 2024
Twitter: @YoMoonskii

Fans are cooking J. Cole for his verse on “Grippy” 😂

— The Culture Vault (@DaCultureVault) May 26, 2024
Twitter: @DaCultureVault

It's crazy how Cole manages to continuously disappoint. This is not his year lmaoo

— Reverend Freud (@reverendfreud) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @reverendfreud

J. Cole’s verse on Grippy

— I’mma Be A Naysayer For Life (@JTriplett0825) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @JTriplett0825

J Cole in 2024🍑😹✌🏾

— M4DMAN! (@DEUCEDAM4DMAN) May 25, 2024

Strictly dickly bro?

— Justin (@justinbrosemer) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @justinbrosemer

Kendrick wasn’t lying when he said “It’s just big me” J Cole out here making freaky drill and Drake rapping over a beat about his ass smfh

— JUNE (@MuseumOfJUNE) May 24, 2024
Twitter: @MuseumOfJUNE

it’s… it’s… it’s… hmmm….. grippy! grippy!

— jarealcan (@rieaoadhd) May 26, 2024
Twitter: @rieaoadhd

Twitter: @BattleRapBum

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