Memphis Bleek Recalls Jay-Z Getting Revenge on Roc-A-Fella Crew Over Having to Pump Gas In The Snow

The "Like That" rapper's latest Drink Champs episode was filled with hilarious stories

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Memphis Bleek has once again shared the hilarious story about Jay-Z showing his petty side when he was forced to pump gas in snowy weather while the rest of the Roc-A-Fella crew stayed in the car.

The "Like That" rapper's latest Drink Champs episode was filled with hilarious stories, from Michael Jackson having a strict no-eye contact rule backstage at Hot 97's 2001 Summer Jam concert to him asking Jay for Beyoncé tour tickets

However, one of the funniest stories involved the rapper getting revenge against his crew for making him drive and pump gas in the snow while they were all toasty in a car. According to Bleek, the Roc-A-Fella crew had a show in Syracuse, New York, and after the performance, the team headed back to the car, but since everyone was drunk from partying too hard, no one was available to drive except Jay. 

The Brooklyn rap legend took the reins and drove to a gas station to fill up the tank and was expecting someone to step out and handle the simple task. However, no one wanted to do it due to being too lit and cozy in the car.

"We get to the gas station, you know they got the heat on in the car everybody chilling, coat off, nobody wanted to get out the car and pump gas, so Hov like, 'I got to get out and pump gas? Alright.' So he get out, pump gas."

He continued, "He went in the trunk. Everybody coat was in the trunk. He went in the trunk to grab his coat, jumped in the car, rolled all four windows down, and started doing like a buck. Like 'Y'all n****s ain't wanna [pump gas]?"

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Bleek said he was fine in that situation as he was nestled in between Dame Dash and another unidentified member of Roc-A-Fella. "He froze n****s ass off that day," Bleek added.

Elsewhere, during his Drink Champs interview, Bleek revealed he was offered the lead role in Drumline but turned it down out of fear of messing up his street credibility. 

"I turned down Drumline," Bleek said at the 2:59:04 mark. "I turned it down, [Chris Robinson] wanted me to do it and everything...He wanted to put me in acting school, and all that, and I was afraid." 

He continued, "When I read the script it was a drummer and I was afraid. My career had just started working and I'm saying to myself 'Alright, I do this movie as a drummer, and then it don't work, how I'ma go back to the hood and tell n***as we out here, we getting this money, we real n***as?'" 

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