Kodak Black on Getting Paid $1 Million to Be Featured on 6ix9ine Song After Snitching Allegations: 'It Ain't Nothing to Think About...That's an M'

Black said the controversial rapper's past legal issues and snitching accusations have nothing to do with him.

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Kodak Black has addressed the commotion he received for collaborating with 6ix9ine this past summer on the track "Shaka Laka."

During his interview on Drink Champs, Yak took a minute to reflect on the polarizing reactions he received from the public for joining forces with 6ix9ine, who is often labeled a snitch for cooperating with the government in his 2019 trial. According to Kodak, there was no issue collaborating with the controversial rapper because he got a nice payday to do it. 

"It was really on some shit like when they first heard about it, I wrote some shit like hell yeah," Black said. "It wasn't nothing to think about, it wasn't nothing nobody needed to call and ask should I do this. The fuck." 

He continued, "It ain't nothing to think about. That's a M, that's a M my man...one song. It's like, what the fuck, homie. I understand the value of a dollar, the fuck. $100 is still $100. A band is still a band." 

Black went on to say working with 6ix9ine wasn't a bad thing because his snitching situation had nothing to do with him. He stated that's a problem for those truly affected by 6ix9ine's actions. He also claimed he's the only person who "squeezed this n***a out of some cheese." 

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Yak also had some words for Boosie Badazz, who criticized him for working with 6ix9ine and claiming he had no morals. According to Black, the Bad Azz Music Syndicate boss failed him as a "hero."

"To this day I still can't really believe Boosie went out like that," Black said. "I'm fucked up about Boosie. Yea, I listened to your music a lot and looked up to you in a sense. You feel me? So I really feel like you failed me as a hero and if you was on some real OG time homie, you won't post something looking down on a n***a that looked up to you." 

He continued to say that Instagram and social media have "fucked up a lot of shit" and have made "real n***as act like hoes." And it's turned into a situation where people don't even realize what they're doing on social media. According to Kodak, Boosie could've handled their friction in a much more respectable way, but bringing it to the internet was not a good move.

Wack 100 first shared the details of how Kodak Black and 6ix9ine's collaboration came together. According to the music executive, Black received a large amount of money and a Rolls-Royce.

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