Joe Budden Suggests Rory and Mal Diss Track Over Drake’s “Family Matters” Is AI

The former rapper did call out his former podcast co-hosts last year after they had an issue with Complex naming him the No. 1 hip-hop platform.

Joe Budden in a suit, Drake in a casual jacket with a chain necklace, Rory Farrell with a beard and coat, Mal in a hat and hoodie
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Joe Budden in a suit, Drake in a casual jacket with a chain necklace, Rory Farrell with a beard and coat, Mal in a hat and hoodie

Joe Budden suggested that a freestyle of him dissing his former podcast co-hosts Rory and Mal over Drake's "Family Matters" isn't real.

A snippet of the freestyle surfaced online. Budden seems to throw shots at Rory and Mal on the instrumental to Drizzy's diss track, initially aimed at Kendrick Lamar. The clip picked up steam on social media, which caught Budden's attention and pushed him to say that artificial intelligence made the song.

"AI smh," Budden commented under Hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson's post of the freestyle snippet. The freestyle contained lines aimed at Rory and Mal's financial issues that led to their problems with Budden and eventual exit from The Joe Budden Podcast.

Joe Budden Freestyles over the "Family Matters" beat & addresses the Rory & Mal split 😂 #comedyStyle

— thestop (@thestoptv) May 22, 2024
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"It's clear to me you can't see the books / It's clear to me y'all think I'm a crook / It's clear to me I gave y'all your last little look / It's clear go speak to your lawyer," Budden's voice can be heard rapping on the track while people laugh in the background.

Even though the track is AI, Budden did speak on Rory and Mal last year when they revealed they weren't happy with the former rapper being crowned the top hip-hop media platform by Complex. Over the years, Rory and Mal have also claimed Budden stole money from them during their time on the podcast. 

"To whom this may concern," said Budden. "This is not even on page one of the manual, 'cause you n***as ain't in the bookstore. Instead of critiquing people's placement on this list, we need more critiquing on why you're not on it. To everyone not on it, shut the fuck up. There's some steps that you n***as have missed."

He added, "To whom it may concern, stop holding a microphone. I'm just giving out podcast advice. It's certain n***as, y'all can't speak to me, y'all didn't do the work yet. You didn't go to the bookstore. Hire the editors. Get people to help. Invest in the staff. Pay the staff. Get more staff. Stop check chasing. Stop doing the bare minimum and expecting that to yield results. You n***as are the bare minimum boys."

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