Jeannie Mai Responds to Jeezy Claiming She’s 'Gatekeeping' Daughter, Mentions Safety Concerns Over Firearms

Mai claimed she hasn't kept Monaco from Jeezy and that he's seen his daughter whenever he asked.

(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

Jeannie Mai has cleared the air regarding rumors that she was "gatekeeping" her and Jeezy's child and explained she has custody of the kid due to safety concerns.

TMZ obtained court documents on Tuesday that included Mai's response to the allegations. According to the television personality, she's worked with Jeezy, allowed him to see their daughter Monaco anytime he's asked, and even let them spend a good amount of time with each other during the holiday season. Any time they weren't together was due to Mai having issues with safety and Jeezy locking up his firearms in his home. 

"It is essential to clarify that Ms. Jenkins' insistence on reasonable safety measures being put in place, such as safely securing and locking away all firearms that have been unsecured in the past, as well as having familiarity and properly trained caregivers is absolutely not gatekeeping, but rather a responsible effort to prioritize their daughter's well-being," her attorneys wrote in the docs.

They added, "These requests are grounded in Ms. Jenkins' genuine concern for the parties' daughter's safety and security, especially when under the care of others and traveling across the country, and are reasonable protective measures, not an attempt to restrict Mr. Jenkins' access to their daughter."

Earlier this month, Jeezy said Mai was acting as a gatekeeper with their child in a motion filed to request a hearing regarding the custody of Monaco. The Atlanta rap legend claimed the "lack of consistency, continuity and stability inherently associated with such a haphazard and fluid parenting time schedule" has become a "stressful" issue for the daughter.

Jeezy made it clear in the filing that although Mai was a "gatekeeper," he didn't think she was "acting maliciously" regarding visits with their child. The two got married in 2021 and had their daughter a year later, but things went awry in September, though, when Jeezy filed for divorce.

"The decision to end this chapter in my life was not made impulsively and comes with a heavy heart," Jeezy said in a statement at the time. "Despite this, my love and respect for Jeannie remains and the time we spent together holds a cherished place in my heart."

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