Gucci Mane Addresses Exclusion From Mixtape Mount Rushmore List: 'Definitely Belong There'

The rapper said he should be on every Mount Rushmore list.

(Photo by Paras Griffin / Getty Images)

Gucci Mane isn't too happy with a meme circulating regarding the "Mixtape Mount Rushmore" he was excluded from. 

On Friday, the Atlanta rap legend paid a visit to Elliott Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller for an episode of their Rap Radar podcast and was asked about his exclusion from the list that featured Future50 CentLil Wayne, and Jeezy

Several people wanted Gucci to be added to the with his extensive mixtape catalog, and the rapper agreed he should've been included in that list and more. 

"I definitely belong there on the Mount Rushmore of anything," Gucci said. "That's just my opinion, I'm biased."

He continued: "I'm not blind, you know. I've got different criteria that what I judge than what, probably, you would judge. Or somebody else might judge. Or the popular opinion might judge."

Elsewhere in the sit-down, the 43-year-old rapper recalled a moment from back in the day where he'd listen to a select few artists religiously and not because of their lyrical prowess but because of their storytelling ability. "I remember in 2005 the CDs I used to listen to," he said before naming projects from artists B.G., Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz, and 50 Cent. "Everytime I'd get in the car, them my three CDs I would rotate."

Gucci's legendary career came with its troubling moments as well. In an interview with The Morning Hustle in October, Gucci expressed mixed feelings over his famous ice cream cone face tattoo.

Guwop was asked if he "takes credit" for starting the trend of rappers getting face tattoos and he said he didn't while explaining he was going through something when getting the ice cream tattoo. "I wouldn't take credit for starting the trend, but I think I definitely made people think it was something cool to do," he said. "I was going through something when I did it. If I could do it over again, I probably wouldn't have did it."

He added: "People don't know the back story to that," he continued. "I wasn't in a healthy place at the time, like, that was just a sporadic thing I did."

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