Funny Marco Asks DaBaby Why He Raps the Same Over Every Beat

The rapper addressed this in a joking manner in the video for Lil Yachty's "Oprah's Bank Account."

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DaBaby was hit with a question from Funny Marco that fans have been wondering ever since he blew up on the scene: why does he have the same flow over every beat he raps on?

In a snippet from an upcoming episode of The Marco Show, the comedian wasted no time pressing the rapper with questions that mainly had him stumped. Some questions included changing his rap name, asking his age and more. One of the more interesting questions asked was if DaBaby liked change, to which he agreed and said, "I love change." 

However, Funny Marco wanted to dig deeper into DaBaby's affinity for evolution and asked why he continues to rap the same on every song if he's all about changing things up. The "Suge" rapper seemed perplexed as he took a sip of water, and a graphic came up on the screen listing his choices which were "I can't stop," "Waiting on a Ja Rule [feature]," "I'll beat yo [ass]," and "All of the above."

Following DaBaby's breakout year in 2019, fatigue started to kick in with fans who felt much of his music sounded the same. His albums Baby on Baby and Kirk were well-received by fans, but once that settled, the rapper was dragged by online commenters stating that he needed to switch his flow up.

In the video for Lil Yachty's "Oprah's Bank Account," also featuring Drake, DaBaby made a joke about using the same flow on all his songs. Yachty, who played a version of Oprah Winfrey called Boprah, asked Baby how he felt about people saying he sounded the same. 

"It's interesting that you say that," Baby said in the video. "See, I always admire people's perspective on this matter 'cause it's like, if you make every damn song, like an ongoing song, you never gotta make another song again." 

He continued, "It's just, you know, free bands. Free bands, free bands, free bands. So hey, I'll be triple platinum for the rest of my life." 

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In an interview with Complex in 2020, DaBaby revealed the skit was all Yachty's idea and everyone on set was having a good time with it, especially himself as he revealed he doesn't shy away from criticisms. 

"I don't ever run away from addressing shit like that," he told Complex. "It was just funny as hell when he did it in the skit, so I just kept going. It was all natural. Wasn't none of that planned out. That was fresh to me when I heard it."

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