Fiery Rap Duo Flyana Boss Goes Viral With "You Wish"

The group, whose members hail from Detroit and Dallas, caught a buzz after releasing several lyric videos for the track that features them running in various locations.

Instagram/Flyana Boss

Flyana Boss is the latest rap group coming on the scene thanks to their viral hit "You Wish," which has been blowing up all over social media. 

The song was released on the group's latest two-track EP Make It A Double, which also features the song "Trashboi." "You Wish" has been picking up steam on social media thanks to the duo releasing several videos for the track that have amassed millions of views.

The duo, which consists of best friends Bobbi Lanea from Detroit and Folayan Kunerede from Dallas, runs through various locations in their viral videos, such as a grocery store, a local fair, and more. But the one location that's been getting folks talking is the one they did in Disney World, where they ran through the park rapping the fiery verses from the track. 

So we went to the happiest place on earth and couldn’t help ourselves 😂💜

— Flyana Boss (@flyanaboss) June 27, 2023
Twitter: @flyanaboss

We wanna go run in NY 😭😭

— Flyana Boss (@flyanaboss) June 24, 2023
Twitter: @flyanaboss

The duo's clever wordplay and references even caused a spike in Google searches for "Kanekalon," a brand of synthetic hair extensions. The rest of the song also finds Flynana Boss giving a nod to pop culture icons such as Nicki MinajMichael Phelps, Dr. Evil, and more. 

"I'm made of sugar, spice, Kanekalon, and cinnamon/ Me and my bestie are the same like a synonym/ I be Michael Phelps, all the brand deals that I'm swimmin' in/ You can call me Dr. Evil 'cause I got many men/ Invested in this pussy and this shit is paying dividends/ Slap a bitch, bitch slap back 'cause I'm feminine," the duo raps.

Check out Flyana Boss' Make It A Double EP below.  

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