Drake Smiles, Nudges Fan’s Hand Away After Getting Throat Grabbed During Show, Video Shows

Fans have been throwing bras, vape pens, and other items at Drizzy since the start of his massive tour.

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A Drake fan got a little too close and personal by grabbing the artist's throat as he walked through the crowd at the start of his show in Seattle, Washington. 

In the early hours of Saturday morning, footage of the incident circulated online, showing an overzealous fan running her hands up Drake's body and attempting to clutch his neck as he entered the Climate Pledge Arena. In the footage, Drizzy does his usual introduction where his 2011 track "Look What You've Done" rocks the arena, and he walks through the crowd onto the stage. 

At one point, the fan's hand can be seen inching up his body and grabbing his neck before Drake gently swats it out of the way with a smile on his face. The 6 God continued on his way down the stairs as fans reached out. 

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Drake later responded to the moment on his Instagram. "Dialed in," he wrote, alongside a screenshot of the moment.

Fans have been showing the true meaning of fandom during Drake's tour. Women have been hurling bras of various sizes each night at the 36-year-old, which he apparently keeps in a trunk. Fans have also shown their passion for Drake and his music as they await his highly anticipated album For All The Dogs

The album has been rumored to drop since Drake announced it earlier this summer, and because it hasn't, fans have grown restless. Their pain was felt on Friday when some fans expected Drake to release the project, which didn't happen. At the Seattle tour stop, Drake told fans he understood they were upset with all the rumors but reassured them it was coming. 

"I know everybody's upset because I didn't drop my album last night," he told the crowd. "I didn't say it was dropping last night, so don't be mad at me. I just said it was coming soon."

He continued, "It's not going to be that much longer. You know I got shows every night. But I promise you, 'For All the Dogs' is on the way. If you never loved anything I've ever done in the past, I promise you, this album will be for you. It'll be worth the wait."

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