Boosie Asks Why Diddy’s Friends Aren’t Speaking Up for Him: ‘A Friend Is With You, Right or Wrong'

The rapper said none of those people were Diddy's actual friends and clarified he's not defending the disgraced record executive.

(Photo by Paras Griffin / Getty Images), (Photo by Dave Benett / Getty Images for TAO Group Hospitality)

Boosie Badazz is asking where are all of Diddy's celebrity friends who frequented his parties and showed him love.

On Friday, Boosie hopped on his Instagram Live to ask why Diddy hasn't received any support from his friends while going through the drama from the several sexual assault and trafficking lawsuits levied against him. According to Boosie, he can't understand how all these people would be partying with Diddy, yet no one has shown him that same love while he is going through a difficult time. 

"I don't hear none of them n***as that was at Diddy's shit toasting with that champagne every year having speeches with them, nobody speak up for this man or nothing," Boosie said. "All them muthafuckers, all with those suits on with their cups up, ain't nobody said nothing," Boosie said. "That's why you ain't gonna see too many n***as around me. Who was around me before I went to jail, you don't see too many n***as around me."

He then shared another message where he clarified he wasn't defending Diddy and added that he just wanted to know where all these people who said they were his friends have gone.

"I'm just saying though all them friends he used to have all these years these athletes, these entertainers, entrepreneurs, putting they glasses up with him, toasting, listening to his speeches...Damn," Boosie added. "A friend is a friend; it's still allegations. A friend is with you, right or wrong. None of them were his friends...You still hug your friend. Even if you knew what was going on, a friend is a friend. N***as wanted what they could have."

Boosie isn't the only person wondering where Diddy's friends have gone. 50 Cent recently called out Jay-Z and asked where he has been while Diddy goes through his legal issues. In an Instagram post earlier this week, 50 shared an image of Hov's face plastered on the side of a milk carton wit the word "MISSING" written above the photo and another image of the Roc Nation boss walking a red carpet and waving.

"Anybody seen Jay LOL 😆😆😆puff said the 🥷🏾 ain't answering his phone. LOL @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi," 50 wrote in the first post. In the second, he added, "Here is jay z last reported seen waving at puffy jet 🛬 LOL @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi."

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