Benzino Goes Off on 'Idiotic' People Making Fun of His Neck: 'Shannon Sharpe Don't Got a Neck'

The rapper snapped back at his neck haters following a recent diss by Eminem.

(Photo by Prince Williams / WireImage)

Benzino is tired of everyone saying he doesn't have a neck.

In a snippet from an upcoming episode of Drink Champs, Benzino aired out his insecurities about all the people making fun of him and called them "idiotic" for their jokes since, of course, everyone has a neck.

The rapper shows off his neck in the clip as proof, before explaining that he simply has a large neck, just like the NFL legend Shannon Sharpe, who Benzino claims gets to live with his large neck unbothered.

"N***a's wanna talk about my neck...I got a fucking neck, everybody has a fucking neck," Benzino says in the clip below. "It's where the fucking head sits, you stupid idiotic motherfuckers. Shannon Sharpe don't got a neck like Shannon Sharpe's neck as big as me; y'all don't say nothing to Shannon Sharpe. You been to Club Shay Shay? Well, this n***a's neck is as big as mine, and y'all don't say nothing about him."

The jokes regarding Benzino's neck have been circulating for some time, but most recently popped up after Eminem dissed him on "Doomsday Pt. 2" on Lyrical Lemonade's new compilation album All Is Yellow

"Now I got a riddle (What?) one condition, you mustn't laugh (Okay)/What is the opposite of Benzino? (Uh, what?) A giraffe (Haha)/'Go at his neck,' how the fuck is that? (Yeah)/How can I go at somethin' he doesn't have? (Haha)/Arm so short he can't even touch his hands/When they're above his head doin' jumpin' jacks (Wow)/Sorry, I didn't mean (What?) to upset you, Ben (yeah)/When I talk about (What?) all the debt you in (Uh)," Em rapped. 

Benzino dished out some retaliatory vicious bars of his own on the song "Vulturius," aimed at Eminem.

He rapped: "Candy-ass Eminem, bitch-ass feminine/Mad he lack melanin, all Valium'd up again/Awe shit, here we go, Benzino vs. Jim Crow/Know a custy when I see one, how many times you overdose?"

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