Benny the Butcher Addresses Freddie Gibbs Beef, Says 'Hell No' When Asked About Burying the Hatchet

Benny was photographed hanging out with Gibbs' ex-girlfriend Destini Fox last November

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Benny The Butcher has no plans of burying the hatchet with Freddie Gibbs.

During his recent visit to The Breakfast Club, Benny reflected on his beef with Gibbs and how they'll never see eye to eye in the future. The two were embroiled in a two-year feud starting in 2021 when Gibbs made a joke about Benny getting shot in the leg during a robbery attempt.

Things got more interesting last November between the two rappers when Benny was photographed hanging out with Gibbs's ex-girlfriend Destini Fox. According to Benny, he's just friends with Fox and was returning a chain he borrowed from her.  

"I'll tell you why. I almost cracked up laughing but I gave her chain back. That's the homegirl. I'm really a nice guy. I gave her her chain back," he said. "Then she came to my birthday party. That's it. She was caught in the middle of some shit she had nothing to do with. She probably thought I was the devil, but she get to see that I'm a really nice guy, and that's it. Nothing more. Nothing less."

When asked if he and Freddie could make peace with one another, Benny said, "Hell no. You don't do that shit to people you cool with, and that's just it. I really don't have no problem with him. He never done nothing to me in life. I have no problem with him. It's just that I would be goofy. And the people I make my music for would look at me goofy if I would stand next to him."

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Benny then said he wants fans to let the beef go as he doesn't have a problem with Gibbs, and their issues are now water under the bridge. According to Benny, fans are using their friction as entertainment. 

"It is bygone to me," Benny said. "People can say that right now. It is bygones. The fans, they want to pin us against each other and I get it. It's entertainment for them… but I be telling them, 'Stop. I don't got no problem with that man. I don't think he got no problem with me.' It is what is it, and I don't give a fuck."

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