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Production whirrs as if it’s recorded straight from a clangorous metal fan in an abandoned warehouse, before Tyron Frampton, more widely known as Slowthai, jumps in. His staccato spoken-word rap hits like a boxer hopping, pacing, ready to pounce. He breathes, loudly, through his teeth. 

“You are great/You are good/You’re a king/ You’re a queen/You’re a genius,” he repeats; it’s a self-care mantra delivered as a threat. Modular synths build—like an industrial Nine Inch Nails track recorded in hell. Anxiety is heightened and Ty lets out an otherworldly scream. “Yum” is a hideous opening track, a truly magnificent feat that sounds like how it would feel to watch someone pump themselves up in a bathroom mirror and then bash their head directly into it, shattering the glass.