Young Thug Files Lawsuit Over Lost Bag That Contained Hard Drive Valued at $1 Million With 200 Unreleased Songs

Young Thug has filed a lawsuit against an Atlanta apartment complex for “negligence and failure to train its employees” after his valuable bag was lost.

young thug at BET awards

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young thug at BET awards

Young Thug has filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta luxury apartment complex The Trace for “negligence and failure to train its employees” after the building’s concierge service gave away his Louis Vuitton bag.

According to the court documents, which were reviewed by AllHipHop and shared by Digital Music News, the bag in question was reportedly filled with $40,000 in cash, a diamond-encrusted watch worth $57,000, a diamond chain worth $37,000, and a hard drive that contained 200 unreleased Thugger songs, which has an estimated value of $1 million.

The incident occurred last November after the rapper returned to The Trace’s parking garage from L.A., where he supposedly forgot his LV bag next to his Lamborghini. A resident of the complex saw the bag, and asked a concierge employee named Lillie Bouie to retrieve it. Bouie proceeded to reach out to Thugger to inform him that the bag was safely in her possession, and she even left a note stating that employees shouldn’t touch the bag or give it away to any resident without first contacting her.

An employee named Latoya Guest allegedly didn’t follow these instructions and gave the bag away to a stranger without notifying Bouie. The suit accuses The Trace of failing “to adequately train concierge employees,” and says they did not have “sufficient policies, procedures and controls related to the handling of, keeping possession of and safely returning a tenant’s valuable property.”

Aside from this legal snafu, Thugga has had a pretty good week. He just dropped off his highly-anticipated new project Punk and celebrated his own week with Complex. “Punk is just real life stories. The whole album is purified. It’s just real,” he told Complex, adding later that crafting the album was no easy process. “The hard part about this shit is making 12, 14, 16 songs about one thing, without crossing up and saying the same thing,” he said. “That is why this shit takes time. This shit has been going on for two years now.”

Stream Punk below.

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