Watch Latto's L.A. Leakers Freestyle Over Yung L.A.'s "Ain't I"

Latto stopped by Power 106 to drop off a few quick bars for the L.A. Leakers, nailing a freestyle over the beat to Yung L.A.'s classic "Ain't I."

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Latto stopped by Power 106 Los Angeles to drop off a few bars for theL.A. Leakers, nailing a freestyle over the beat to Yung L.A.’s “Aint I.”

Sporting a breezy and conversational flow, Latto in the course of two minutes reiterated how she’s the queen of the South and showcased her clever wordplay with quippy bars like “how the hell I’m pescatarian in a lamb chop truck?” She also spits, “Bitch, stop playin’ with my pen, I been that since 16/The pitch mean, I’m pullin’ rap hoes’ cards like the vaccine/Y’all seen on the flat screen, I'm a rap bitch bad dream/ Write, rap, and sing, plus the looks, bitch I’m a cash machine.” 

After changing her name from Mulatto to simply Latto back in May, the artist shared  a new track in September titled “Big Energy,” her second song since the moniker change. Her first, “The Biggest,” was released back in May and addressed the name change directly. “Misunderstood so I made it official/Changed the name, watch them still make it an issue,” she rapped. “Big Latto, bitch, ain’t nothin’ ‘bout me little/Let me show you bitches how to ball when all odds against you.” 

The Biggest. #LALeakers 🎰

— BIG LATTO 🍀🎰🍒 (@Latto) October 27, 2021

On Instagram prior to the release of “Big Energy,” Latto provided fans with even more clarification surrounding the change. “Short for the lottery. Completely separate from Mulatto, represents a new chapter, good fortune, spiritually & financially. Often referred to as Big Latto, the alter ego,” she explained.

Latto also performed “Big Energy at the 2021 MTV VMAs, as well as her song “Muwop,” which features Gucci Mane.

Check out Latto’s L.A. Leakers freestyle above.

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