Gillie da Kid Rips ‘Goofy’ Rick Ross After Being Called a Fraud: ‘Why the F*ck Would You Buy a Cow, N***a?’

Gillie da Kid took a moment on 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game' to issue a response to Rick Ross and clown him for his Instagram video about buying a cow.

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Gillie da Kid took a moment on the latest episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game to issue a response to Rick Ross, who previously referred to the podcast host as a “fraud” after Mack Maine contradicted a story Gillie told involving his own longtime nemesis Lil Wayne.

Gillie, who has heavily beefed Weezy for years, formerly described on It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper a supposed run-in he had with the rap legend at Jackson State University. According to Gillie, the chance encounter allegedly left Wayne feeling unsettled, but Young Money president Mack Maine responded to Gillie’s story by uploading a clip of the meet-up showing Weezy smiling and appearing relaxed. The clip seemed to contradict the podcast host’s story, and Rozay soon stepped into the fold, commenting on Mack Maine’s video that Gillie was a “fraud.”

“Boy boy boy this Hollywood shit crazy!! Please watch both videos,” Mack captioned the video at the time. “And say say [Raquel Harper] ya know I luv ya but please keep us out them type convos you’ll probably never get the truth. I know the name of ya show is ‘It’s Tricky’ but don’t let em trick ya. And if ya wrote the Carter 1 who wrote the Carter 2 and 3 and 4 and 5.”

While Gillie briefly addressed the discrepancies in a since-deleted tweet, he offered a more elaborate response on Monday's episode—which featured Southside—aimed at Rick Ross more than Mack.

“These old n***as, they don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more, and they still think the world gon’ come back so they be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb shit,” Gillie said on the latest episode. “‘I just bought a cow’and all this dumb. ... You know I was gonna bake you n***a, I seen you in them comments n***a, you knew I was gonna bake your goofy ass.”

Gillie continued by bringing up Rozay’s past as a prison correctional officer. “Fuck wrong with you? Don’t ever comment on nothing about me n***a, when you used to be a C.O. n***a. When you used to lock n***as like Wallo in the cell n***a. This ain’t got nothing to do with you player. ... ‘I just bought a cow,’ why the fuck would you buy a cow, n***a? … Fuck these old n***as. They mad at me cause I tell ’em fuck ’em, all you n***as pussy, you ain’t gonna do nothing. He ain’t said it, I said it.”

Watch the full episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game below, with the moment in question starting just before the 1:25:00 mark:

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