Canada and UK Connects on Northsidebenji and Unknown T's "One In The Chamber"

Toronto rapper Northsidebenji has returned by teaming up with British rapper Unknown T on the nocturnal transatlantic track “One In The Chamber."

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Toronto rapper Northsidebenji has teamed up with British rapper Unknown T for transatlantic collaboration “One In The Chamber.”

Though it’s more Toronto rap than UK Drill, Unknown T sounds right at home on the nocturnal and shadowy beat. Unknown T’s first verse sounds like it could have soundtracked a heist movie.

“Leave that phone go around get drenchy / Two rambos ski with a scarf like Benji,” Unknown T raps.

Benji handles chorus duties and delivers a paranoid, melodic second verse that reiterates his presence at the top of Toronto’s rap scene.

“One In The Chamber” marks the long-awaited return of Benji who hasn’t released many singles this year besides the single “Repeat,” a posthumous collaboration with Houdini,  who died in 2020, and a performance of a loose single called “Raids” for the Colors show.

Benji’s last album, The Extravagant Collection, was released in 2021 and he seems to be aware his fans are eager for more. In an Instagram post announcing the single’s release, the Toronto rapper apologized for the length wait for new music.

Last month, Unknown T found himself in Edmonton (North London) with Tion Wayne in a new video.

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