Drake Slams Jeppson's Malört in IG Story: 'There's No Way Chicago Enjoys This'

Chicagoans find the idea of Drake tasting and then hating it funny.

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Jeppson's Malört has long been a staple liqueur in Chicago and while many locals have a deep affinity for it, Drake doesn't feel the same way.

In an Instagram story Drake posted after the first show of his It's All A Blur Tour, he explained his confusion as to why people enjoyed Jeppson's Malört.

"There's no way Chicago enjoys this..." Drake wrote.

What might be an innocuous post had people (specifically those in Chicago) turning their heads, trying to figure out why Drake isn't a fan of Jeppson's Malört and who introduced him to the liqueur.

Twitter: @JoshhTerry

Twitter: @industrylovers

One user said that Drake would be making much different music if he did, in fact, like Malört.

Twitter: @alexL_E_I

Another person wanted to see Drake's face when he tried it.

Twitter: @zach_goose

Another person basked in the fact that Drake didn't enjoy Malört and said he was built stronger than the rapper.

Twitter: @BebopOtt

Most people on Twitter who saw Drake's story laughed at the idea of him trying and then making a face when he realized he didn't like the liqueur.

Drake's first show of the tour was a success as he performed an array of hits while also having fans trying to figure out if the "younger Drake" present at the show was a hologram or a lookalike.

Drake is set to perform in Montreal on July 14-15 and in Vancouver on Aug 28-29 before returning home to Toronto on Oct. 5 and 7.

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