Boi-1da Says He Didn't Know Jack Harlow Was White When He First Heard His Music

The two linked up again on Harlow's most recent project 'Jackman' with Boi-1da producing "Blame On Me."

Samir Hussein / Samir Hussein/WireImage

Jack Harlow may be one of the biggest rappers out now, but producer Boi-1da didn't know he was white until they met.

At an event hosted by producer Rich Kidd in Toronto, Boi-1da spoke about how he dug Harlow's sound at first but thought he was a Black man based on his voice and demeanour.

"It's crazy, I didn't even know he was white," Boi-1da said. "I thought it was a Black guy when I heard him first. I was surprised when I went there, I was like 'Oh, it's a white guy, with the hair and everything," and I would never expect that to sound how he looks, so it's kinda interesting."

Of The Saint captured the video of the talk.

He then explained that he likes to give artists a shot, which wound up showing when he produced "Churchill Downs," "Nail Tech," "I'd Do Anything To Make You Smile," and "I Got A Shot" off of Harlow's 2022 album Come Home The Kids Miss You.

The two linked up again on Harlow's most recent project Jackman with Boi-1da producing "Blame On Me."

Boi-1da has been keeping busy this year as well, having co-produced Killy's latest single "Same Energy."

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