After releasing his collaborative album Boulangerie with Nicholas Craven in May, Brampton rapper Raz Fresco hasn’t pumped the breaks, releasing the claymation video for their track “Stolen Goods.”

The idea of a claymation video came about when M Works, one of Fresco’s close collaborators, approached him about potentially making a full-length video in that style. 

“All throughout the year the construction of everything seen in the video was meticulously taking place,” Fresco said in an email about the video. “I would get updates from M Works every couple weeks that would even further intensify my anticipation.”

Each scene in the video corresponds perfectly to the bars rapped by Fresco and Funk Lo, whose guest verse opens the song.

The video took over six months to create, as is expected for a claymation video.

“We spent exactly half a year handcrafting this dynamic world from scratch. From the coat hangers to the skyscrapers,” M Works explained.

Along with the new video, Fresco also announced a small new tour, performing in TorontoMontreal, and Vancouver.

The tour begins in Toronto on Jan. 27, coinciding with Fresco’s birthday.