We Finally Have a Better Understanding of What Jaden Smith and the MSFTSRep Are All About

In short, it's a creative work force.

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Earlier this year, Jaden Smith dropped a three-track album titledappropriately, This Is The Album.

But if it isn't obvious enough yet, young Jaden cares more about putting his collective on, too, so the album was more of a re-introduction to his MSFTSRep crew, which we now know is short for MSFTS Republic. The collective, at its roots, is made up of Jaden, Willow Smith, Daniel D'Artiste, as well as Daniel's younger brother dylAn¿Téo? and sister Moisés Arias, among others. Over the last few months, everyone has been curious about what MSFTSRep is all about.

Today, it looks like they've relaunched their site with a link to Jaden's The Cool Cafe mixtape, an incredible parallax clothing page, their Tumblr, and a mission statement. So, what is MSFTSrepEarlier today, a video surfaced of Jaden explaining what a MSFT is but here's a snippet of the mission statement on their site now: 

MSFTSrep – short for MSFTS republic – could be looked at, in simplest terms, as a creative work force dedicated to supporting and waking up the population of planet earth, through attaining knowledge and personal growth. But even that puts it into a box. Anything that could be put into words puts it in a box, because MSFTSrep is more of an expression rather than an explanation.

So please keep in mind, there has never been anything like MSFTSrep before, because there are very few collectives willing to sacrifice the safe, cliché, and popular for something entirely new which has never been seen before. Because it is simply impossible to
predict the unknown, and MSFTSrep is in fact, unknown.

This republic truly started with the feelings and emotions of wanting to transform the conditioned mind sets of the masses into a more creative freely flowing environment—an environment in which one is free to experiment & is not judged for expressing oneself and the way one feels at any given moment…

It's a family, and it's about creation, and you can read the mysterious statement it in full on the MSFTSRep site now. Keep an eye out for MSFTSRep meetups in your city, too, and Jaden's MSFTSFrequency show on Beats 1.

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