Two Kids Spoof Kanye West's Interview With Zane Lowe on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Does Kanye West know you're not supposed to be your own hype man?"

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Kanye West's interview with Zane Lowe is probably one of the most quotable interviews of the year. His facial expressions are priceless, his quotes are outrageous, and he's just on another level for the entire interview. So it only made sense that Jimmy Kimmel would find a way to make a spoof of the interview on his segment "Kimmel Kid (re)Kreation."

Kimmel can't get over Kanye talking about leather jogging pants. "Is that really a thing? Leather jogging pants? Jogging pants...that seems impractiacle to me but I don't know fashion, to be honest, I don't follow a lot of what Kanye West has to say." 

So instead, he took the transcript of the interview and had two children recreate the entire interview, and it's hilarious. Watch the two kids channel Kanye and Zane, and sip on some milkshakes.

[via Nah Right]

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