Game Changer: Island Records’ Alex Boateng Drops Some Music Industry Gems

Invaluable advice from an A&R vet.

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For the last 16 years, youth-focused organisation Urban Development have been supporting young artists through courses, funding support, and their renowned Industry Takeover seminars that ignite that traditional DIY approach.

Ever wondered who's behind some of your favourite artists' music campaigns? Ever wondered how you bounce back as an artist manager when your artist gets dropped from a label? How a PR recovers from a bad story? Or even how you can take advantage of free apps? Whether you're a budding musician or looking to get stuck into a career behind the scenes, UD has teamed up with Complex for a new series, Game Changer, which delivers invaluable advice from the music industry's leading voices.

The first episode features Alex Boateng, Island Records' newly appointed Head of Urban Division — their current roster includes some of the biggest names in your Spotify playlist, such as Drake, Sean Paul and Dizzee Rascal. Alex's career blew up after he and his brother, Alec — now A&R Director of Atlantic Records — created a fire mixtape of freestyles entitled Split Mics. The mixtape featured a whole host of untapped talent from across London, such as Kano, D Double E, Durrty Goodz, and S.A.S.. A few months ago, Alex (also known as "Twin") signed Donae'O, who also laid down a memorable verse for his career-building project.

Alex Boateng's love for homegrown talent and energy to create new partnerships has created some of the UK's most important music releases. Watch above as the celebrated A&R exec jokes about rivalry with his equally-gifted twin brother, his personal drive to furthering diversity within the music industry, plus a whole lot more. 

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