Solange’s New Outdoor Performance Art Piece ‘Scales’ Will Debut This Fall

Solange announced a new piece called 'Scales' on Sunday, and she'll show off this outdoor performance art in Texas this October.


Image via Instagram/@saintrecords


After dropping what may have been the very best album of 2016, Solange finally earned the respect she felt she deserved in the music world. And though she may not be dropping the equivalent of another A Seat at the Table anytime soon, she's constantly looking for ways to move the medium forward.

She'll have her chance on Oct. 8, when she brings her performance art piece, "Scales," to Marfa, Texas. Solange announced the piece via her Instagram page, and mentioned that the site she'll be using has a particular significance to the way she sees the world.

"Donald Judd's '15 untitled works in concrete' has had such a profound influence on the way I view the world," said Solange, "and I am beyond honored to deliver a site specific version of me performance piece, 'Scales' (2017) alongside these phenomenal installations during Chinati Foundation Weekend."

For those of you outside the loop of contemporary art, The Chinati Foundation is an art museum founded by artist Donald Judd, whose minimalist art is on display all around the property. The specific piece of art Solange mentions is a sprawling outdoor exhibit, which will provide quite an interesting place to see her performance art.

Though we don't have many other details on the piece right now, Solange has proven in the past she's capable of bringing art installations to life. The accompanying performance piece for A Seat at the Table, "An Ode To," opened to rave reviews at The Guggenheim this spring, and Solange made her intentions clear when people showed up to see what it was about.

“Being a black woman of color, I’m not settling for just being here," she said, "but tearing the fucking walls down.”

While she quite literally can't do that for this performance—the whole "being outside" thing impacts that—but it'll be a one-of-a-kind experience for those of you who get the opportunity to attend. Prepare for Solange to blow your mind once again this October.

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