Mac Miller Had a Secret Instagram Account Dedicated to Vaping

Mac Miller as "Lars" was dedicated to "maximizing the level of litness" with his vape tricks.

mac miller performing smoke

Image via Getty/FilmMagic

mac miller performing smoke

Aside from his artistry, Mac Miller was known for his eccentric yet charming personality, going by different handles such as Larry Fisherman, Delusional Thomas, and Easy Mac. Miller was known to embrace his different personas, even engaging with a parody Twitter account that used his likeness.

However, savvy fans recently discovered the Pittsburgh rapper actually adopted another moniker, one that was used exclusively on his secret Instagram account. Under the name @cloudywithachanceofawesome69, Mac assumed the role of Lars, a vape-loving dude whose goal was to inspire the world, one vape trick at a time.

Lars embodied the charismatic personality of Miller, as the account was to be viewed as a manual on how to "maximize the level of litness." Blowing tomatoes and smoke out of his nostrils are an example of the vape-filled antics displayed on this page.

Rest easy, Mac.

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