Junglepussy Enlists Tink For the Badass, Shy Guy-Produced "Curve 'Em"

They're making that noise from BK down to the Chiraq.

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Just in time for the inevitable clusterfuck of partying and back-in-town drama that comes the night before Thanksgiving—not to mention the chaos of Black Friday shopping, Brooklyn's Junglepussy has teamed up with Chicago up-and-comer Tink for some raucous shit-talking. Going in on the Shy Guy-produced "Curve 'Em," the duo offers up dismissive raps for all comers.

Junglepussy bounces gleefully all over the track in a range of flows with look-at-me-now boasts like "Let these niggas rub my back/Let these bitches kiss my toes/I keep the haters in the club along with frenemies and foes" and the impossibly great kiss-off "Bad bitches at my shows so you fuck niggas owe me." Tink, on the other hand, comfortably settles into the frenetic beat like a veteran, serving up slick lines like "They say I'm sick with these rapping/So tell these rappers get better" and summing up the whole deal with the lyric "I probably count like 30 cameras when I'm in your city/It's monkey see and monkey do when Junglepussy with me."

Cue this one up and silence the assholes and the naysayers. Check it out below:

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