Similar to Ben Stiller's charming and brash character in Zoolander emerging rapper Chapman doesn't hesitate when he wants something. Or someone. His new record "Blue Steel," which is a play on Zoolander's magnetic pose, finds him in pursuit of the sweet lips of another man. And he won't quit until they swap tongues.

Chapman has been open about his sexuality, recently releasing the impressive "Gay Rap Song" as a way to filter through his thoughts over Jake One's moody backdrop. "Blue Steel" is more sensual in theme as Chapman craves pleasure and sings about it in his verse. He's joined by Junglepussy, who attacks the Durkin and Victor Radz-produced record by describing her own erotic activities in bed. "Tongue game never lame/After I came nothing was the same," she raps with an intense tone. 

You can download Chapman's debut mixtape XL Life here.

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