Eminem Helped Produce a Comedy Film About Battle Rapping

Eminem signed on as a producer for the upcoming film, 'Bodied,' which will be a satirical look at battle rapping.

Self-proclaimed "rap god" Eminem is taking his love for hip hop to another level. The Detroit lyricist is billed as a producer for the upcoming film Bodied, a satirical take on battle rapping. The film, which also features contribution credits from Em's manager Paul Rosenberg and producer Adi Shankar, has been selected as the Midnight Madness Opening Night Film for the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, also known as TIFF. You can watch the trailer below.

Our #TIFF17 Midnight Madness Opening Night Film is @JosephKahn’s BODIED, with Anthony Michael Hall, Debra Wilson, @cthagod and @CalumWorthy. pic.twitter.com/MNZ6C2Vkiy

The film focuses on race relations through the lens of a graduate student who becomes submerged in the battle rap underground while working on his thesis. Joseph Kahn, who co-wrote Bodied with Toronto battle rapper Alex "Kid Twist" Larsen, is the film's director. Kahn is best known as a music video director, with credits ranging from the Backstreet Boys to Destiny's Child to, surprise, Eminem. Anthony Michael Hall, Debra Wilson, Jackie Long, Charlamagne Tha God, and Calum Worthy star in the movie, alongside veteran battle rappers Jonathan "Dumbfoundead" Park and Dizaster. 

In a statement, Shankar praised Kahn and his influence: "We meet certain people through the course of our lives who have a tectonic impact on us. These individuals guide us and then challenge us to become the best version of ourselves. That person for me has been Joseph Kahn. He's believed in me as an artist, been generous with his knowledge, and forced me to push my creative boundaries."

Bodied will premiere at TIFF on Sept. 7.

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