The 10 Best Netsky Remixes

Belgian producer Netsky is a great example of how fast someone can rise in this day in age. He was first being championed by DJ Hype, who was molding

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Belgian producer Netsky is a great example of how fast someone can rise in this day in age. He was first being championed by DJ Hype, who was molding his "Liq-weed Ganja" imprint after a number of Netsky's releases. After gathering releases on Allsorts and Spearhead, Hospital Records dug their heels in and snapped Netsky up to their label, solidifying his sound and position as part of the future of the drum & bass scene.

During the 2009-2011 swing, Netsky was an in-demand name for remixes, and has been able to rework singles by Swedish House Mafia, Skream, Underworld, and Miike Snow, adding his unique liquid funk flavor to their music. A producer like him, someone who's got enough critical acclaim to be entrusted to represent a genre for people who aren't as versed in a style like drum & bass is big, and it's great to look back at the stack of remixes he's accumulated and pick out his best. From Mad Decent to Disney, here are Netsky's 10 best remixes.

Underworld - "Scribble (Netsky Remix)"

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(, 2010)

It was interesting hearing Underworld's take on jungle/drum & bass with "Scribble," and for the single they only had one remix, so of course it had to be the golden boy Netsky showing the legends how its done these days. The remix rolls perfectly, and once that melody gets burned into your head, it just won't let go.

Swedish House Mafia - "One (Netsky Remix)"

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(Virgin, 2010)

"One" is a pretty undeniable tune, and the Swedish House Mafia went all-out on the remixes for this one, calling in Netsky to provide the drum & bass edge to this one. It was almost too easy, really; you can't escape that piano, and all Netsky had to do was throw some crispy subs and drums underneath and call it a day.


CHEW LiPS - "Karen (Netsky Remix)"

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(Family, 2010)

Listening to tracks like this, where Netsky effortlessly blends guitars, lyrics, and other sounds into a drum & bass banger, you almost wish Netsky was doing more outside production work. Or at least producing bands to make some bigger hits within a dnb context. The vocal won't be everyone's cup of tea, but this works well.

Mutated Forms - "Glory Days (Never Again) (Netsky Remix)"

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(Allsorts, 2010)

This one comes complete with Netsky working some lowkey funk into that bassline, and gained approval from both Fabio and Grooverider once they got their hands on it. Another expert use of that amen break in the background, adding some excitement to the drums.

Skream ft. Sam Frank - "Anticipate (Netsky Remix)"

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(Tempa, 2011)

Sam Frank's got one of the more captivating voices, and works well with Skream, but adding Netsky's uplifting liquid to the heavily-filtered vox? Adds a new layer to the tune completely.

Netsky - "Epic Mickey 2 (Remix)"

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(Disney, 2012)

You can't deny how beautiful video game music can be, and Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is actually a musical, and someone at their UK division had the awesome idea to give Netsky a chance to sample some of the soundtrack and create a track as epic as the game it came from. Laugh if you want, this track bangs.

Pendulum - "Witchcraft (Netsky Remix)"

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(Earstorm, 2010)

For some, Pendulum might be the ultimate when it comes to drum & bass. Remixing their hits, including tracks like "Witchcraft," can't be easy when you're trying to match the track's beauty, but Netsky did it, adding some fierce amens underneath that beautifully understated bassline. Once you pair all of that with the vocals, you've got a grower.

DJ Die & Interface ft. William Cartwright - "Bright Lights (Netsky Remix)"

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(Toolroom, 2010)

"Bright Lights," guided by the huge vocal from William Cartwright, was huge in and of itself. While the original was a bit more subdued, Netsky turned the bright on, channeling Cartwright's sounds into the dnb anthem that the masses needed.

Rusko - "Everyday (Netsky Remix)"

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(Mad Decent, 2011)

Rusko's "Everyday" was already a gem of a single, but Netsky adding the synth-driven drumstep vibe to it? Pure scorcher. That "sun is shining every day" is a perfect fill for the intensity that's engrained in this track. And once that chiptune vibe rolls in? Beautiful.

Miike Snow - "Black & Blue (Netsky Remix)"

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(Columbia, 2009)

You'd think that the powerful vocal on "Black & Blue" would have made Netsky push the beats to the background, but this is not so. With the piano taking the lead, he compiles a host of junglistic breaks underneath the warm bassline and another, harder beat. The best part is nothing gets lost; the tune is actually bettered by the wall of sound that Netsky provides.

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