Meet LIZ, Mad Decent's Resident Songstress

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Not Available Lead

We've not heard the term "post-ratchet" until reading the press release for "XTC," LIZ's debut release with The Jeffrees, Mad Decent's free-release imprint. We do like where she's going, though.

"XTC" obviously channels the '90s bubblegum R&B flavor but a bit more turnt, because why not? She's got a solid vocal, and this mid-tempo track feels like the trap ballad you always wanted. The flipside, "Underdogs," features tyMad Decent MC RiFF RAFF, and is a bit more funky, with Tyler, the Creator-esque proclamations of being a unicorn.

We're not sure what's going on, and there's next to no info on homegirl out there (aside from her being a pop singer from Tarzana, CA), but the possibilities of her and Mad Decent definitely have us interested.


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